Onboarding Steps

Thank you for choosing the WAIR Fit Advisor.  We are excited to work with your team and to help your shoppers order the best fitting sizes.  Below are a few steps we'll need to go through to get you started.

1. Schedule Onboarding Kickoff Call 

On this call we’ll review the onboarding steps, answer any questions your team may have regarding technical integration, and establish performance benchmarks for our partnership goals moving forward.  Schedule call here. 

2. Upload Graded Specification Sheets

Your graded specs give us the ability to understand your product sizing strategies.  We map your graded specs to your products in our database and validate them.  For graded spec examples, please visit our FAQ page. 

Graded Specification Sheets can be submitted directly to our Customer Success Team through this form

3. Upload Your Fit Model Information 

Simple fit model information like age, weight, height, chest, waist, hips, inseam and best fitting product sizes help us validate your graded specs to ensure that we launch with the highest recommendation accuracy. 

Your Fit Model information can be submitted directly to our Customer Success Team through this form.

4. Set-Up WAIR Fit Advisor Customer Dashboard 

The WAIR Fit Advisor dashboard will walk you through site installation and call to action configuration.  It will also be where you can review usage, performance, and demographics data on your shoppers.

WAIR will send you an email invite to set up your dashboard login credentials, after which you will be able to access your dashboard here


If you need additional support with your onboarding process please reach out to our Customer Success Team by emailing help@getwair.com.