Sizing Information

Sizing information to share with WAIR team for the best size recommendations.

Required sizing information

Please provide the following to get the best possible recommendation from WAIR Fit Advisor

Tech packs for all products

  • These are acceptable in any of the following formats: excel, csv, pdf, or google sheet.
  • Share with using a document share service (Dropbox, Box, etc.) or as attachments.
  • If you have any questions we are happy to assist at

Size table of body measurements

Locate the Size Table(s) that represent your products

  • You will have one Size Table per product.  
  • For brands that have invested in sizing consistency, you will generally have one Size Table per product category.  In this case, it will be important to map your Size Table(s) to your Product Category, and your Products to your Product Categories.  All of which can be entered into our onboarding sheet.

Download our Size Table Template document (link)  (template example link)

  • Reference the Example Size Table Template Document for questions.
  • Reach out to with any questions about this process.
  • Create a copy of the "Size Table Template" for each Sizing Table you offer and name the tab something unique, IE. "Men, Dress, Pants" ; "Women, Casual, Tops"
  • You should only modify the yellow cells
  • Fill in the Size Name to match your Size Naming Convention for this Size Table (IE. XS, S, M, L... ; 0, 2, 4, 6, etc... ; 15.5 x 32/33, 16 x 33/34, etc.) in Column A
  • Fill in the Measurement Names in Row 6 that are applicable to this Size Table (IE. Bust, Waist, Hips ; Bust, Hips, Sleeve ; Waist, Inseam ; etc.)
  • For each Size Name and Measurement Name, fill in the Min and Max measurements so we understand the range of acceptable body measurements for each size.