WAIR Not Displayed On PDP

Steps to resolve WAIR visibility on product PDP

For any of our brand partners experiencing display issues with WAIR, we've compiled a small troubleshooting guide below. If the problem persists or is unrelated to the subjects listed below, please contact your dedicated account manager for further assistance. Thank you!

  • WAIR is not being displayed on all PDPs

In the instance that WAIR isn't displaying for all products on your site, we recommend the following actions:


1.  Access your WAIR dashboard (app.getwair.com) and ensure WAIR is set to live

(You can check this by navigating to Settings > Setup Guide > Step 3 - Go Live)

2.  If your brand operates on Shopify, you must ensure scripts are enabled on your Shopify theme via App Embeds.

You can check this in Shopify by navigating to Online Store (in the nav toolbar) > Customize > App Embeds > and setting WAIR Scripts to On.

(Remember to click save in the top right corner before exiting this page!) 

Pro tip: If you recently changed to a new Shopify theme, WAIR's placement script might have yet to be installed on the new theme. If your brand falls under this category, please contact your customer success manager for further assistance!

  • WAIR is not being displayed on certain PDPs 

In the instance that WAIR is not displaying for specific products on your site, here are the potential reasons for this issue:

1.        If the product was recently launched, WAIR may still need to map recommendations for it.
  • WAIR works to get new products mapped within 48 hours of being added to your product feed.

  • If it has been over 48 hours, please reach out to your customer success manager and request that we map the new products.

  • To ensure all new products are enabled with WAIR at launch, we ask that you provide us with a 1-week notice for any new product or category. For new colorways of a product that is already mapped, we ask for a 2-3 day's notice.

  • It is a best practice to share your product launch schedules with your customer success manager to ensure a smooth launch process.
2.      The template used for the specific PDP may differ from your standard PDP template.
  • If your brand uses varying templates for your PDPs, WAIR might encounter issues on specific pages. We are more than happy to assist in adding our placement script to any custom-built or additional PDP templates!
  • Upon completing WAIR's sizing survey, the result says, "No recommendation is available."

While this is a very uncommon scenario, WAIR recommends the best-fitting products to your shoppers based on how your designers intended each product to fit. 

If our sizing algorithm detects the body inputs submitted during the survey align differently from the intended fit range for a product, a shopper may receive the aforementioned result.

If, during testing, you receive a "No Recommendation is Available" result, we ask that you refresh the survey by clicking the refresh icon located in the top left corner of the WAIR popup window. Try entering your body metrics again and ensure the proper units of measurement are selected.

If you are receiving this result and feel the survey inputs are valid for the product in question, please reach out to your customer success manager with the product's URL included in your outreach. Our team will run a quick analysis to ensure WAIR is running correctly.