WAIR Onboarding (Shopify Merchants)

This article will walk you through the onboarding steps for Shopify Merchants

Congratulations on making the decision to integrate WAIR.  We are excited to work with you and your team.  We are also excited to provide your shoppers with size selection confidence, which will help to increase your conversion rates and reduce your return rates.


Below, you will find a step by step guide to help you get WAIR up and running.  Don't worry, we're right alongside of you the whole time and even work to take much of this off of your plate.

Installation & Onboarding Steps

We have had brands launch within 48 hours and others take a few weeks.  We aim to have you up and running within 5-7 business days, however, this will be dependent on how much effort you dedicate to the steps below.  

Technical Integration

  • Please install our Shopify App (installation link)
    • This includes our service and confidentiality agreement
    • You'll just follow the prompts and you can reach out to Troy if you get stuck anywhere
  • If you would like us to place and style the WAIR CTA, just give us collaborator access... otherwise we will work with your devs to help them place and style the WAIR CTA.

Building the Recommendation Engine (Sizing AI)

  • You will have a quick meeting with Troy (you can schedule your meeting here) so he can learn a bit about any unique sizing features of your products
  • You will share your size charts, grade rules, or tech specs with Troy
    • Troy will map them to your products once they synchronize with our system
  • You will integrate WAIR's Fit Review Surveys into your post purchase email flow
    • This provides us initial and ongoing sizing feedback, which ensures our recommendations are accurate
  • We will work with you to get fit reviews, which will give our sizing AI the data it needs to build the recommendations
    • You will export the last 60 days of orders from Shopify and send the .csv to us
    • We will clean up the order export and add WAIR fit review links and send back to you
    • We will help you send a bulk email to your customers to request reviews
      • We will then entirely delete the order export files from our system
  • Our Sizing AI will notify us when it believes the recommendations are good

Review and Launch

  • We will schedule a launch call with you to review the CTA, recommendations, and discuss any last minute questions
  • With your approval, we will launch WAIR live


Thank you for your interest and we'll have you up and running in no time.