Fit Advisor plugin setup - BigCommerce

BigCommerce Quick setup to get Fit Advisor plugin on your BigCommerce site

Widget Setup

  1. Login to your BigCommerce e-commerce store
  2. Navigate to Storefront > My Themes
  3. Click Advanced > Make a Copy
  4. Give the copy a name to denote that it is a backup. This will ensure you always have a reference to your original theme files before making edits for Fit Advisor plugin.
  5. Now edit current theme by clicking Advanced > Edit Theme Files
  6. Add header script to the header.html page in template (templates/components/common/header.html). The script should be placed just above the </header> at the bottom of the header.html file.
    1. This script should be copied from the WAIR Dashboard
  7. Add Find my Fit button to product-view.html page in template. The button should be placed near the existing add to cart button.
    1. This script should be copied from the WAIR Dashboard

Order Tracking

  1. Navigate to Storefront > Script Manager
  2. Click Create a Script
  3. Fill in the script form with the following information
    1. Name of script: WAIR Fit Advisor - Order Tracking
    2. Location on page: Footer
    3. Select pages where script will appear: Order confirmation
    4. Script category: Analytics
    5. Script type: Script
    6. Copy script from WAIR Dashboard

4. Click Save