WAIR's ZERO RISK Trial Program

This program is meant to make it easy for brands to try WAIR without having to take on any risk.

We get it... we've all been pitched a million SaaS products.  Some of them add value and others do not.  The challenge is finding out which is which before making a long term commitment and making sure you generate any unnecessary risk on that decision.  😱


We launched our ZERO RISK Trial Program to make it a no brainer for you to try us out.  Since launching the program, 95% of all WAIR Customers chose to install WAIR without even talking to a WAIR Sales Representative... which we think is pretty cool.  🔥


We are here to add value to your shopping experience and profitability to your business.  We help your shoppers gain all the confidence necessary to make the best fitting purchases across every product on your site.   There are other benefits also, but we'll stick with those for now.  


The WAIR Trial Program


Free Installation Installation is Free.  There are no hidden fees... and we DO NOT charge you for onboarding.
Easy Onboarding

We do almost everything for you.  We're even  happy to help you style your WAIR CTA if you'd like to give us access through a collaborator account

(IE. you don't even need developers to install WAIR)

Usage Billing

With our Standard Pricing, usage fees are only charged when your shoppers have made purchases and have used WAIR to receive a size recommendation.

(IE. we only make money after you make money from us, which leads to immediate and constant ROI)

Cancel Anytime

We are here to add value, not force you into a long term agreement. 

If we are not making your business better, cancel us... it's that simple.  We are so confident that we don't need to lock you into a long term agreement.


What does it take to setup WAIR?

  1. Install the WAIR App (Shopify store installation link) (non Shopify store)
  2. Attend a kickoff call with your WAIR Account Manager 
  3. Your WAIR Account Manager will work with you to setup our Sizing AI
    1. This will take 1-2 hours of your time and 2-5 days of ours (system learning and tuning)
  4. Attend a launch call with your WAIR Account Manager to review everything prior to launch
  5. Launch WAIR live to your shoppers
  6. Your WAIR Account Manager will check in with you periodically to ensure that you are:
    1. Happy with WAIR and provide ongoing support
    2. Help you lean into our Insights and Analytics
    3. Discuss system and feature upgrades and ideas
    4. Help you connect with partners that may enhance your business


WAIR is Trusted

In the last 9 months, over 150 brands have joined our ZERO RISK Trial Program and 148 of them are still active with WAIR.  Our churn rate is so low because WAIR provides an outsized value to shoppers and the brand.


  • WAIR helps shoppers select and purchase the best fitting size. 
  • WAIR helps e-commerce directors by making their store more profitable without adding workload. 
  • WAIR helps customer service directors and reps by reducing the number of size related tickets they have to deal with. 
  • WAIR also helps operating teams make better product fit decisions, inventory buying decisions, and marketing teams better target their audience.


WAIR provides a tremendous value across a brand and we are so excited to work with you.